Day 6 – on the Camino Alternativo

No blisters but first severe foot pain. That’s how I was walking on day 6 – a rainy day. The landscape would have been very nice. But for me there was no way of enjoying it…And as a plus there was an extra detour of several hundred meters to a little church and back to the exact same spot where I left the road to Sahagún. Yeah…the foot bath that evening was hard earned!

Going or rather walking through hell
Day 6 on the Camino was really hard for me. My feet hurt like hell and I was struggling to get forward with every step I took. No, I don’t have any blisters yet. The bigger problem for me are swollen ankles which hurt with every step. And there is a general exhaustion I am starting to feel after the first 20 kilometers. Thus making the last 10 kilometers really hard.

I set off as early as usual and was one of the first to leave Terradillos de los Templarios. The route first went along an asphalt street for quite a while. It had started to rain the last evening and therefore this was the first day I had my rain poncho handy in case it would start to rain. It was quite cold but nice to walk. I took breakfast in Moratinos and then continued over Sahagún to Calzada del Coto, where you have to decide which road you take: Either the normal Camino or the Camino Alternativo, on which there are less people and which is leading along an ancient roman street. I decided for the second alternative.

On this road there really barely were other people. I even thought I went a wrong way. Actually walking became really hard after a while, as I now started suffering with every step I took. I passed another pilgrim sitting at the side of the street taking a break. She clearly was suffering from feet problems as well. They usually start at about the 6th day. Combined with the exhaustion walking on on the camino can get really hard. But the landscape sort of was worth the walking.

As the walk from Calzadilla de los Hermanillos to Reliegos would have been another 18 kilometers, my day finished in Calzadilla. On the road there I passed a park – and who did I meet again? John! Well…as you read before: Whereas in normal life you meet people at least twice, on the Camino this means you run into them about 10 times. Later on an Irish guy with his guitar came into the same albergue, and so I spent my evening singing Irish songs in the albergue. Sounds cool, huh? 😉

Well so far about my 6th day. I actually already walked through León and am now in Astorga. So I am far behind in writing. My apologies! Will catch up with my blog as soon as I get to the next internet connection 🙂

Cheers! Miya

About Miriam

I am a traveller. Not in the fast sense. I am travelling on foot, as a pilgrim. And I love writing and playing music. Since I found back to singing and writing while walking the Way of St. James in Spain, I started mingling the two. Means I am walking with my little guitalele and playing whenever the situation seems right for it :-)
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