Day 10 – leaving lovely Astorga for Foncebadón

I was a little bit sad to leave Astorga, as it is a really lovely city. But as I was walking alone that day I had ample of time to think about lessons I had learnt up to then on the Camino. The importance of faith and serenity were my topics of the day on this nice walk from Astorga to Foncebadón. Not faith in the religious sense but in terms of faith in oneself and in life

Setting off alone
After I had been walking with John quite a great deal these last days I decided that today I definitely had to set off alone. After all I am not just walking the Camino for fun. I want to have time for thinking, daydreaming, philosophizing and just doing my own thing.

As we had ended up in different rooms at the albergue in Astorga, there wouldn’t have been another option anyway. On top he had severe problems with his achilles and I felt ready for the next 30km walk.

I for my part had ended up in a room with 2 Spanish pilgrims and a woman from the Netherlands who got up in the morning quite noisily. That’s albergue live. It had me getting up and setting off at 6am in the morning.

Only just around the corner I bumped into an Italian I had already met in León a few days before and I walked with her for a little.

I was walking through lovely landscapes and slowly came into a more mountaneous region.

Thinking about the importance of faith and serenity
Today I had some time for thinking again, as I was walking alone. The main topics seemed to be faith and serenity. Faith in oneself. Faith in that life never lets you down. In my concrete situation faith that I always find a place to sleep, no matter how many people are walking in front of me in a complete rush. And serenity to not get upset about travel groups, people having their own way and thus pushing in front.

When I set off I as always was among the first pilgrims. Not because I was in a rush to get a bed but simply because I am up very early and getting breakfast in the next village.

But times have changed since León. As there are so many people on the Camino, the “front runners” were in a complete rush and were really running along the route. They seemed so stressed out. I didn’t feel comfortable with that situation but kept my pace and as always took a break in the next village to take breakfast.

I started to get slightly stressed when the waitress first served two other pilgrims even when they had come after me. I’d have to wait longer and be late afterwards!

Thinking that everything comes exactly right has advantages
But as I soon felt for myself, the situation as such had gone exactly right. I remembered the importance of serenity and faith on a pilgrimage and decided to not worry about wether or not I would get a bed in the end. I felt released immediately upon this decision and asked the waitress if there really were much more pilgrims on the way than any year before.

She shrugged and meant this was normal and that I shouldn’t worry about finding a bed because starting from León every village had at least 2-3 pilgrims’ hostels. Her village had about 208 beds.

Phew. Relaxing to hear that. I felt so much more relaxed afterwards and walked on in complete peace. On the route I met an older French woman and had an interesting discussion with her about the importance of faith and walking the Camino in one’s one pace, no matter what. So this really seemed to be my main topic that day.

Meeting old acquaintances and ending the day quite nicely
Afterwards I met another pilgrim again and again. Marc from Spain took a great pic of me on the way to Foncebadón.

And here you see some more impressions from that day:

I found a really cool albergue in Foncebadón. Find some impressions of the albergue and our musical evening below. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of myself singing as I am not that great in multitasking 😉
Edit 25.06.2012: My dear fellow pilgrim Bienve sent a pic of me singing in front of the albergue. Enjoy 😉


About Miriam

I am a traveller. Not in the fast sense. I am travelling on foot, as a pilgrim. And I love writing and playing music. Since I found back to singing and writing while walking the Way of St. James in Spain, I started mingling the two. Means I am walking with my little guitalele and playing whenever the situation seems right for it :-)
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