Day 15 – Catching up with John

Even if you told yourself you’re walking your Camino on your own, you for pretty sure will finally end up walking with at least someone else. And then you sometimes make a little bit of an effort to catch up with them once you lost each other. So many notes can be found on the way, it’s simply amazing. “Renate, I’ll walk to Ponferrada today. Greetz, M” – that kind of notes can be found allover on the side of the Camino.

So this time I was the first to get up because I wanted to walk another 35km that day.

Do you want to know the secret for getting up without waking up other pilgrims?
1. Pack your bag the night before and lay out everything you need in the morning so you can reach it easily.
2. Set the alarm, but put the sound very low so not everyone wakes up with you the next morning.
3. Put on your clothes silently in the morning, move your backpack, shoes and socks out of the door and always close it when you put on the light.
4. Close the door to the bathroom so people don’t hear you or wake up from the light.
5. Pack the rest of your belongings and put on your shoes outside. Same with your suncream or whatsoever. No need to put it on in the sleeping room or to search through your rustling bags for an hour!

Sounds easy, huh? Easy but not self-evident as it seems because I never had a morning in an albergue where I wouldn’t have been woken up by pilgrims preparing to set off…

Quite proud to tell that everyone was asleep by the time I was setting off though… 😀

I reached Sarria after about 45mins of walk and took breakfast there. So it was already daylight when I walked on – great for at least taking some photos from that city. It would have been nice to stay there. But here I was, just walking through.
When I left Sarria the sun was just rising and I could take another great photo of a sunrise. This time over Sarria. Que bonito!
Sarria is about 112km from Santiago. So I would reach the 100km mark that day, walking towards Portomarín now through really nice landscapes. As you can get the Compostela for walking the last 100km to Santiago there were huge crowds on the road though and walking wasn’t as nice as before.

Well I guess its best not to lose too many words about the walk to Portomarín and to just leave you with the photos of the great landscapes I was walking through.
I was a bit disappointed by Portomarín itself. The only thing to see is the special form of the church and that’s about it. As the Camino is leading through the city you have to walk all through it though. First steeply uphill and then straining your feet with a downhill walk. So I was keen on leaving that place and only shortly took some tarta and a lemonade as lunch there.
I had decided to end my day in Gonzar, just 8km from Portomarín. Actually this 35km felt really long that day because in the end my feet hurt and I felt really tired. But the private albergue there was great and I hung around in the interesting “laundry room” there the whole rest of the afternoon and made a picnic together with John, with whom I had caught up that day. The washing machines were under a little roof out in the open. Interesting concept. In Switzerland doing the washing like this in winter would be slightly cold though.
I finish this post with the photo of a cat taken through the door of the albergue. I guess I wouldn’t mind being a cat in my next life – at least if its in a great family 😀
Lying around, catching mice, not having to care about finding food or a bed for the night. That’s quite a nice life. Actually I was lucky with that shot because 1sec later the cat had run away. She saw something interesting to her right and ran away. Maybe a mouse? 🙂
I’ll be back with more – at least I reached Finisterra yesterday and now I have to catch up with quite a few days. Been as lazy as the cat…but it was great! 🙂

About Miriam

I am a traveller. Not in the fast sense. I am travelling on foot, as a pilgrim. And I love writing and playing music. Since I found back to singing and writing while walking the Way of St. James in Spain, I started mingling the two. Means I am walking with my little guitalele and playing whenever the situation seems right for it :-)
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One Response to Day 15 – Catching up with John

  1. Dana says:

    How wonderful to find anoehtr interested in Pilgrimage. Especially the Camino. It is in deed a way to walk into Your New Story to change the one you were living before you set off on the pilgrimage. I, too am very interested in seeing the movie The Way that Emilio Esteves and Martin Sheen have produced!

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