From Rorschach to Herisau

The 2 possible routes

My route – Rorschach to Einsiedeln
I decided to walk the way from Rorschach and to make the cut to Rapperswil instead of Lachen.

Usually the guides propose to only walk from St. Gallen to Rorschach on the first day, most of all in case you’re a beginner. This is only 14km but St. Gallen actually has very nice places to see, and contrary to Herisau it also has an official pilgrims’ hostel with 10 beds, where you can stay for 20 Swiss Francs.

To Herisau it’s another 10km.

I set off from Rorschach quite late, around 11am and enjoyed walking very much after 5 days of sitting in the office…
The way is first leading upwards for quite a bit because Rorschach is at the side of Lake Constance and from there it’s going upwards in every direction 🙂

So after a few kilometers you get a very nice view over the lake.

Then it’s winding its way through more even landscapes and through nice farms for several kilometers. Of course in Switzerland it’s all very green.

…and you can often find farmers at work 🙂

The typical way signs in Switzerland are yellow and either show you how many hours it will take you to walk to your destination or they simply show you in which direction the “Wanderweg” (hiking trail) is going.

And then every now and then you come across real (funny) oddities. In Switzerland there exists a circle of people loving to hike naked. And this of course has created a media frenzy and much talk about the disturbance for other people if you do so. And seemingly there are even places where people placed signs to prohibit hikers to walk naked. Had a good laugh!

Then the Camino led through another farm into St. Gallen, which is actually a very nice city. It has a monastery with a large library and renowned for its beauty. There is also an official pilgrims’ hostel of which I heard that its really nice.

I think it’s actually worth staying in St. Gallen to have a look around the city and the church. I went on towards Herisau though because I had been in St. Gallen before.
From St. Gallen to Herisau it’s only another 10km. First the walk is not really nice as it is leading through the outskirts of the city for a long time.
But after a time the way is leading you through nice landscapes again.

I personally didn’t like the Camino from Rorschach to St. Gallen that much and it’s not nice to several kilometers after. But just shortly before Herisau the landcape starts to get much nicer and after Herisau its absolutely adorable.

I leave you with two nice photos of Herisau, a little Swiss town you have seen fast. There’s much more to see in St. Gallen…but it’s definitely worth a stroll!

About Miriam

I am a traveller. Not in the fast sense. I am travelling on foot, as a pilgrim. And I love writing and playing music. Since I found back to singing and writing while walking the Way of St. James in Spain, I started mingling the two. Means I am walking with my little guitalele and playing whenever the situation seems right for it :-)
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