Castles, cornfields and blistering heat

It was my day 3 on the Way of St. James in Switzerland and I was going to walk from Wattwil to Rapperswil. Thankfully I had started early that day because the sun was burning down from early morning and therefore there soon was a blistering heat. That day my stuff was definitely not soaked by rain but by my own sweat instead!

But lets start at the beginning.

When you take the way out of Wattwil you soon after get to a little sign showing you the way to castle Iburg. That’s a little castle throning over Wattwil and it’s usually open for everyone between 10am and 7pm. As you only have to get up a flight of stairs, not even a 5 minute walk from the Camino, I decided to have a look at the surroundings from there. The castle isn’t open at the top but you can still have a very nice view around from its windows. Of course I also had to take several pics from there.
Castle Iburg was built by the abbot of the local monastery in the 14th century in order to protect it from enemies. Nowadays only the tower is left.

While walking on towards the Ricken pass I took one last shot of the tower…
…and then went on uphill for quite some time.
Then Walde was reached, where I took a short lunch in the shade of some trees standing next to the church.
And just shortly after Walde the way already started to lead downwards again. It actually didn’t lead up again that day, so the rest was only downward walk towards Rapperswil. But in the beginning with a nice view on Lake Zurich.
The way then leads on towards St. Gallenkappel with its nice church. Not much more to see there though as it is just a larger village. In Neuhaus, the village after St. Gallenkappel, I wanted to buy some groceries. But as in many small places in Switzerland, the only grocery shop was already closed (at 2pm…). So I was following the advice of an inhabitant to just follow the street to the neighbouring Eschenbach to buy my stuff there. And so I did and lost my way. Not completely of course but I simply didn’t find the Camino again. Most of the Swiss citizens aren’t aware the Way of St. James is leading through their village. No wonder they don’t know where it’s leading through. So I finally followed the directions of a bus driver and ended up walking the rest of the way to Rapperswil on concrete, close to a mainstreet. That’s not really the nicest thing as you already know. But I’d arrive in Rapperswil anyway.

While the walking and the landscape wasn’t much fun, a few things I came across definitely were. One of them was a cornfield. Love ’em! Had to take like 1000 photos of course. Miya paparazzi doing a photoshooting with a cornfield 🙂
And just shortly after I discovered a special shed on the side of the road.
So finally walking the concrete was absolutely worth it! I wouldn’t have come across that nice cornfield and shed without losing my way. That’s a cool way of thinking, isn’t it?

Upon walking into Rapperswil I noticed that the Blues n’ Jazz festival would be that same evening. So I was running into another cultural happening again. And as the pilgrims’ hostel is in the center of town, I even got in for free. Of course I enjoyed the music for a bit that evening before I went to sleep! 😉

All in all the walk from Wattwil to Rapperswil is an ok walk compared to the two legs before. It’s much less up and down and therefore lighter on the feet. And the pilgrims’ hostel in Rapperswil is very nice. I can really recommend it.

Hope you enjoyed the read even if its not about fascinating Spain. But Swiss mountains and landscapes have something nice as well 🙂

I leave you with a few pics of the nice old town of Rapperswil. Enjoy!

About Miriam

I am a traveller. Not in the fast sense. I am travelling on foot, as a pilgrim. And I love writing and playing music. Since I found back to singing and writing while walking the Way of St. James in Spain, I started mingling the two. Means I am walking with my little guitalele and playing whenever the situation seems right for it :-)
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