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Music, music, m…

Wow, sometimes some of the cool functions of my websites are just one click away – and having absolutely no time to try them all out, I discover them like years later. I am on bandcamp since May 2012 and … Continue reading

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Open your eyes

Today I had a recording session and finished one of the first songs I had ever written. It is called “Open your Eyes”, and I actually already had the basic idea for it in 2003. But it was one of … Continue reading

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Mayra Andrade

Born in Havanna, Cuba in 1985, Mayra Andrade seems to embody the typical Cape Verdean citizen of today, as more than 50% of its people live abroad. During her childhood, her parents first moved back to Cape Verde, where she spent her first years. When she was aged 6, Mayras family moved to Senegal, Angola and later Germany. All those influences later on caused Mayras music to be a unique mixture of different styles. Continue reading

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