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My blogging year 2012 in review

Wow, I just viewed the annual report for my blog. I got a total of 3000 and something views, more than 600 thereof were from Switzerland and nearly 500 from the US. The most views I got for my post about my arrival in Santiago. Not bad after all for my first blogging year, I’d say 🙂 Continue reading

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Liebster Award!

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! Thank you, Anita! Feeling honoured, as this is a first time for me 🙂
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Happy New Year!

Hey there, I wish you all a happy New Year! All the best, lots of joy, happiness and good energy for 2013! I am just preparing for my stay abroad. That’s why I am not that actively blogging right now. … Continue reading

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Is welfare counter-productive?

Today I stumbled upon a topic when reading “Banker to the Poor” by Muhammad Yunus, about which I have been thinking a lot during these recent years: the importance of self-reliance and the counter-productive effects help can have. There were numereous encounters with that topic in my life. Be it a friend in a life-crisis, which made me learn to draw the lines and retreat at times. Or relationships, in which I ended up in the helping role and came to realize that I myself giving the hand was part of the problem. Continue reading

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Those what ifs…

The day I embarked on a plane to China, I was terribly afraid. It was the first time ever that I would be travelling completely alone, and I did not know a soul in Beijing, where I was going to spend a whole year. In fact, fear and insecurity had driven me for most of my life. And therefore I already imagined myself ending up completely lost in this vast city of millions, my life ending tragically somewhere on the streets, because of an unlucky series of events. Continue reading

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