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The name “Way of St. James” is actually misleading as it makes us suppose there is only one way carrying that name. As a matter of fact every ancient pilgrims’ route to Santiago de la Compostela is called that way. And that means there are a good dozen routes from all over Europe called the same way. The route from Budapest to Santiago is called “Way of St. James”. Same thing with the routes from Germany…be it from Munich, Cologne or wherever.

But the most prominent route is definitely the Way of St. James through northern Spain. The so-called “Camino Francés”, which is called that way because it starts at the French-Spanish border. This in itself is misleading again because the name sugests there’s only one route. Contrary to that there are actually two possibilities to start the Camino: The best known route is along the Camino Navarro from St. Jean Pied-de-Port. The other route starts in Somport and takes a little longer to walk. Both routes join in Puente la Reina.

I have been walking on the Camino Francés in 2010 and again in 2012. You find the links to my posts and pictures below. Enjoy!

The end of the world

I guess we all share a fascination for the sea. And to actually arrive there on foot is even a more special feeling. Moreover when it’s at the so-called “end of the world” – Cape Finisterre. And even more when you’re watching the sunset there, share a good wine and have a good time together… Continue reading

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35 endless kilometers to Olveiroa

Oh gosh…you might think that after about 600km of walking another 35km seems like nothing. But you sometimes can be so wrong. So so wrong… Continue reading

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Finally alone…

The really nice thing after walking out of Santiago is actually that there are many less folks on the road than before. All the 100km pilgrims don’t continue walking and therefore it’s even possible to be on the road totally alone for long amounts of time. And let me tell you: Negreira is cool! Continue reading

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Day 19 – Arrival in Santiago

The final walk to Santiago de Compostela is always special. After being on the road for so many weeks, one can now literally count the steps to the city. But not everyone is happy to arrive… Continue reading

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Days 17&18 – Eucalyptus forests

As I was getting closer to Santiago, I was getting increasingly lazy. At least Galicia should be enjoyed! I therefore just give you the summary of day 17 to Ribadiso and day 18 to Amenal. The first day was just a little more than 20km of walking and the second one a little more than 30 because I wanted to only walk about 15km into Santiago the next day. Continue reading

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Day 16 – Lazy day in Galicia

Nice landscapes but most of all the great albergue and food is what I remember best from that day, which led me from Gonzar to San Xúlian. As I had decided to walk less and just enjoy myself in this last part of the Camino this too was a rather lazy day. Continue reading

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Day 15 – Catching up with John

Even if you told yourself you’re walking your Camino on your own, you for pretty sure will finally end up walking with at least someone else. And then you sometimes make a little bit of an effort to catch up with them once you lost each other. So many notes can be found on the way, it’s simply amazing. “Renate, I’ll walk to Ponferrada today. Greetz, M” – that kind of notes can be found allover on the side of the Camino. Continue reading

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