Music has always played an important role in my life. As a little girl I loved to skirl and wait for the echo in the front garden until I finally was prohibitted to do so because of complaints from the neighbours. When I was around kindergarden age, I spent a lot of my time singing and inventing stories in the backyard. Inspired by fairytales like Snowwhite, I was imagining myself to be a beautiful princess ruling over a large realm of animals.

But it was only in my early teens that I started to attentively listen to other music and to get interested in other cultures and languages. I had started to take guitar lessons and usually came up with with songs I had heard in the radio to avoid having to play classical music. So you could say I started off listening to that type of mainstream music which is played up and down in the radios. I even spent my Sunday afternoons sitting in front of the radio and recording cassettes with my most favourite songs to afterwards play them during our weekly handcraft lessons at school.

It was in a French lesson when I first heard of “Cheb Mami” and “Raï”. I was utterly fascinated by this blend between traditional and modern music, which sounded so strange and yet familiar in the same time. His song “Mama” from 1995 was the first of that kind I had stumbled upon. And though it can still be considered “mainstream”, it opened a whole new world to me back then.

The internet being something completely new to me, I started using that tool to get a little more information on that musician. But whoever still remembers back the times of Altavista may well imagine how scarce the output of those searches was. And, of course, the 80-year-old lady and owner of our local music store had never heard of such music before.

Times changed though when Amazon and many alternative music platforms came up. I was a frequent visitor of their “search by country” option and started to search the web for new music on a daily basis.

Many years have passed since then and I collected a massive amount of music from all around the world. I think music and language are the two windows wich enable us to get a glimpse into another culture without actually travelling there in person. Music is also able to unite people in a unique way and is I think teaching us to stay open-minded and aware in the most peaceful way. I love the beauty, which collaborations across cultures are able to create. And I want to share that with you!

You have two options to dive into my musical universe. You can either read through the feed of my own music on

Or you can embark on a musical world travel on

Have fun!

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