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Lets talk Social Entrepreneurship

Imagine an enterprise creating value, which isn’t distributed to shareholders but instead reinvested for social purposes. Or an enterprise, which aims at actively working on a specific social problem. Sounds strange to you? Let’s be honest: you’re not alone there – simply because we’re used to the thinking that organizations working for the social good are not supposed to make any profit. Furthermore, we tend to believe that enterprises are supposed to make profit but not work in the social sector. Is our world really that simple? Continue reading

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Is welfare counter-productive?

Today I stumbled upon a topic when reading “Banker to the Poor” by Muhammad Yunus, about which I have been thinking a lot during these recent years: the importance of self-reliance and the counter-productive effects help can have. There were numereous encounters with that topic in my life. Be it a friend in a life-crisis, which made me learn to draw the lines and retreat at times. Or relationships, in which I ended up in the helping role and came to realize that I myself giving the hand was part of the problem. Continue reading

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“If you take the best seed of the tallest tree in the forest and plant it in a little flower pot to let it grow…it grows into but a small tree. Even though it looks like the bigger tree, it … Continue reading

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