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My blogging year 2012 in review

Wow, I just viewed the annual report for my blog. I got a total of 3000 and something views, more than 600 thereof were from Switzerland and nearly 500 from the US. The most views I got for my post about my arrival in Santiago. Not bad after all for my first blogging year, I’d say 🙂 Continue reading

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Finally alone…

The really nice thing after walking out of Santiago is actually that there are many less folks on the road than before. All the 100km pilgrims don’t continue walking and therefore it’s even possible to be on the road totally alone for long amounts of time. And let me tell you: Negreira is cool! Continue reading

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Day 19 – Arrival in Santiago

The final walk to Santiago de Compostela is always special. After being on the road for so many weeks, one can now literally count the steps to the city. But not everyone is happy to arrive… Continue reading

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