How this blog came to be

Consequences from the walk in 2010
The Way of St. James or simply “Camino” is said to usually change at least something important in your life because walking those several hundred kilometers has a great power as long as you’re open and ready to learn. I walked a first part  from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Nájera in 2010, and it changed my life. Not that it would have made me better-looking, richer or more successful than before. No, it made me happier by guiding me to the core of what I want, by letting me learn that writing and making music is my lifeblood and in the end by making me more confident as a consequence of all the changes I made after I came home.

How it all began
On one occasion at the albergue in Cizur Menor the Spanish pilgrims had made a laaarge pot of sangria and in the end everyone was squiffy. This led to a series of events causing me to sing a few songs again for the first time in years:

American spotted guitar -> American wanted someone to sing a song -> Miya thought “why not, I forgot all the lyrics but who cares…” -> Miya sang a few songs, mainly “lalala”ing -> people were deeply moved -> Miya knew nobody was lying when they told her they loved her music. Because drunk people don’t lie.

Well…from this moment on I knew it was a sin not to follow my urge to make music out of fear that anyone wouldn’t like it.

Back to the Camino – with my music
Now I recorded four of my songs and decided to take my music with me to the Way of St. James. Not in the form of a recording of course – but in the form of my guitalele, which I will carry from Nájera to Santiago. Hopefully to be played quite often on the road to Santiago.

Camino + music = Blog
As I always wanted to make a blog about the Camino, this one now documents my musical journey to Santiago.

3 Responses to How this blog came to be

  1. cornishtim says:

    I am walking the Norte/Primitivo in September and October….your blog and music are helping to inspire me as I love music and travel also.

    • miyamusic says:

      Hi there

      Oh cool, I envy you a little bit because I am now back working and dreaming about walking my next Camino 🙂

      It’s great that my blog and music are inspiring you. Wow, and I hope you’ll have a fabulous time on your Camino!

      I’ll actually continue to lead this blog. Maybe you’ll like the way of St. James in Switzerland as well. I continue walking because I love the simplicity in it and as well the lifestyle and landscapes.

      • cornishtim says:

        I have finished my walk on the Camino Norte and , now back in Cornwall six weeks, I have decided to write a retrospective blog. What an amazing experience it was. When I got to Finisterre I thought of your singing there. I have written my own song ( it took a kilometre to sing all 17 verses). I am recording it with a friend and will post it when done for anyone interested.

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