A Fiest to the Eyes

applePlucking an apple from the next tree, sitting down on the side of the road and having a refreshing snack in the middle of an amazing landscape – life cannot get any better. And trees laden with fruits of all colors is the lasting impression I got from the walk from Riggisberg to Heitenried. Perfect setting for finding excuses to make a stop every few minutes! In fact, no excuses needed – who can resist such temptation? Continue reading

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Who Needs Lakes Anyway…

Walking out of Thun on the Way of St. James means waving goodbye to those beautiful landscapes of turquoise lakes surrounded by green mountains and lovely vineyards, which make the region between Lucerne and Thun so special. And with that to one of the most beautiful sceneries on the Way of St. James in Switzerland. But who needs lakes anyway… Continue reading

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Day of the Girl 2013: The wings above Malala


“We are starving for education. For us it is like a precious gift, a diamond” – Malala Yousafzai

The story of Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakastani girl who was shot at point blank range in the head a year ago on a school bus by the Taliban has become one of the most powerful stories of our time. A girl of a mere 15 years old, who had the courage and bravery to stand up to the Taliban and risk her life for her simple belief that girls should be able to go to school, has captured worldwide attention to her cause. Today at 16 years old, Malala’s voice is being heard all over the world and people are listening.

Her voice and bravery has lead her to become the youngest ever nominated to receive a World Peace Prize and her fight for girls education has created an international global movement…

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Lets talk Social Entrepreneurship

Imagine an enterprise creating value, which isn’t distributed to shareholders but instead reinvested for social purposes. Or an enterprise, which aims at actively working on a specific social problem. Sounds strange to you? Let’s be honest: you’re not alone there – simply because we’re used to the thinking that organizations working for the social good are not supposed to make any profit. Furthermore, we tend to believe that enterprises are supposed to make profit but not work in the social sector. Is our world really that simple? Continue reading

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Re-think your drink!

This post comes slightly late for world-water-day – but it’s never too late to educate oneself. Re-think your drink! And refer to tap water instead of bottled water if you want to be one of thousands working against a whole industry, which threatens the access of millions to one of the most prescious resources of our planet: drinking water.

A short video to give you an overview about the topic:

And a great documentary about water, which should actually get more views (!):

Please think twice when you’re standing in front of the vending machine the next time. Refill your bottle instead of buying bottled water! 😉

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Pssst…things they are a-changin’


The past weeks showed that one of the golden rules in life is that while making plans is a good thing, life itself often calls for an alteration of plans. Everything else would be what the Quebecois would call “plate” – boring, as it would mean we’d barely get out of the safe bay. Or would we…? Continue reading

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Music, music, m…

Wow, sometimes some of the cool functions of my websites are just one click away – and having absolutely no time to try them all out, I discover them like years later. I am on bandcamp since May 2012 and just found out that I can actually embed that player into wordpress posts. Hella yeah…that’s incredibly early (*irony off*).

You kan now klick on ze muzik playerz and listen to my muzik. Miya arrived in 2013…! 😉
Hope you like it.

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